How Do You Distract Yourself? Embodiment vs Disembodiment

What happens when you check out vs. what happens when you allow yourself to feel emotions and move through them. This is especially helpful for people who feel they are emotional eaters or who feel they are too emotional. Included in this podcast is a list of symptoms people experience when they are disembodied, as well as the announcement of next week’s podcast topic. 

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Susan Milligan

Susan Milligan

Certified Eating Psychology Practitioner, Certified Health Coach, Personal Development & Spiritual Mentor, Ordained Minister, Author at AHHH Lifestyle LLC
In her coaching practice, Susan specializes in Binge Eating, Overeating, Emotional Eating, Body Intuition, Intuitive Eating, Body Image, Body Shame, Mind-Body Connection, Digestion, Fatigue and Mood as they relate to Eating Psychology.
Susan Milligan