About Susan Milligan and AHHH Lifestyle LLC



Susan Milligan is a Certified Eating Psychology Practitioner and Certified Health Coach.

She received her Certification in Eating Psychology from the Institute for the Psychology of Eating.

In her eating psychology coaching practice, Susan specializes in the following:

  • Binge Eating
  • Overeating
  • Emotional Eating
  • Body Intuition / Intuitive Eating
  • Body Image / Body Shame
  • Mind-Body Connection
  • Digestion Concerns
  • Fatigue
  • Mood

Susan received her Health Coach certification through The MacDonald Center for Obesity Prevention Education in partnership with Villanova School of Nursing. Through this certification program, she learned how to guide clients to create healthy lifestyle skills and lose weight.

For more than 30 years Susan has studied and successfully integrated her education into her personal, spiritual and professional life which included intensive work with Heart Mastery from the HeartMath Institute. Susan is an Ordained Minister and Certified in Mind-Body Connection and Positive Psychology with a foundation in Functional Medicine.

Continuing education is important to Susan for her own personal growth, as well as the continued Well-BEing of her clients. She is currently a holistic student and is also on schedule to receive her doctorate in Metaphysical Psychology & Science in 2019.

Business Experience

  • 21 years in business administration and management with a major corporation
  • 17 years as a full-time entrepreneur and self employed
  • 20 years in online marketing and web design
  • 10 years in health and business coaching
  • 26 years as a personal development and spiritual development mentor

Today Susan occasionally designs websites and offers Business Consulting services for a specific niche of professionals: Coaches, Practitioners, Consultants, Healers, Spiritualists, Ministers, Speakers, and Authors. See BrightEyesPublishing.com.


Published Author

BEing Spiritually Intelligent online Experiential Transformation courseBEing Spiritually Intelligent, Volume ISusan (Abrams) Milligan is the Author of Volume I in the series, BEing Spiritually Intelligent published in 2013. She was mentored by Neale Donald Walsh, bestselling author of Conversations with God series, during the process of writing her book. While writing her book she practiced authentic, heart-based spirituality using techniques she learned through her work with HeartMath. In 2015 Susan began offering an online experiential course based on the book by the same name, BEing Spiritually Intelligent.

Visit her Facebook page community of more than 35,000 spiritual, like-hearted and like-minded people. facebook.com/SusanAbramsMilligan


AHHH Lifestyle Mission Statement

AHHH Lifestyle: Abundant Health, Hope and Happiness - copyrighted logo

The AHHH in AHHH Lifestyle is an acronym for Authentic Health, Honor and Happiness.

Authentic Health signifies and teaches clients self-care based on trusting themselves to make choices that are for their highest good. This empowers them to depend on their inner guidance for answers rather than looking outside of themselves and forcing themselves to “fit into” the good opinion of others on quality self care.

Honor signifies and teaches clients to always honor their own intuition and choices, regardless of how those choices manifest. It also teaches clients to honor themselves as being Love(d), whole and complete exactly the way they are right now.

Happiness signifies and teaches clients that true, Divine Happiness comes from within. Once a client creates and honors their own, unique Authentic Health, they will intrinsically develop Divine Confidence. Divine Confidence is generated from within through strengthening one’s own intuition and learning to trust themselves again. It is not dependent on the collection of material goods, titles, and wealth for confidence, or the need for accolades and validation from anyone or anything outside of themselves. This is what Susan calls “Divine Leadership”. It empowers people to have confidence in the choices they make, encourages them to invest in themselves, and they learn to create the life they want without looking outside of themselves for direction on their own Divine Path. It also provides them with the tools to honor the path of others without judgment.

AHHH Lifestyle LLC was founded in 2012 for the purpose of empowering people to recognize and honor their own unique, WHOLEsome evolution by progressively balancing their Well-BEing in all areas of their life: mind, body, spirit, and emotion - with authentic, heart-based Divine Intention.

Love ♥ Light ☼ Namaste ☮