Binge Eating

You may be surprised WHY you binge eat, and for different people the reasons vary. But I can tell you that it has nothing to do with the lack of willpower.

“How you do food is how you do life.”

Many people who binge eat have an unbalanced emotional and nutritional lifestyle. However, binge eating for most people is not an eating disorder but a call to action from your body that something in your life is amiss.

The coaching service I provide for people who consider themselves to be binge eaters is to help them determine what their body is attempting to communicate with them; we call this body intuition and/or intuitive eating. It’s not woo woo stuff. It’s biology. Your body is attempting to do it’s best to protect you, but you have to be listening and aware to understand the only way it knows how to communicate with you - through signs, symptoms and actions you feel are not of your doing.

Binge Eating

Binge Eating is NOT a Lack of Willpower!

There are many reasons why people would binge eat. It could be as simple as balancing macro nutrients throughout the day, but often times it is a combination of a fast-paced lifestyle, little attention to body wisdom and eating at irregular times unaware that you are eating. Many clients have expressed concern that they only binge eat at night or when they are alone. Some binge when they are happy or just sad and lonely. Some people report binging on foods they don’t really care for under normal circumstance. So you see, it’s really not about the food nor willpower!

Each client is different, so Contact Me if what you consider “binge eating” as interfering with the quality of your life. Together we will work on how you can overcome binging through small daily experiments while “listening” to your body’s intuition. I will teach you how to tap into your own, unique body communication system.

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