047 – I’ll Be Back!

In this podcast I explain where I’ve been for over six month, and where my podcast show is going. No worries. I will be back! So in the meantime, sit back and relax while listening to 46 previous episodes that are packed solid with lots of good stuff! I appreciate all of your supportive feedback and pokes to get me back behind the mic. I’ve really missed podcasting!

Become Grounded in Your Authentic Self

When the root is deep there is no reason to fear the wind. When you know who you are, why you are here and get very clear about your vision, you deepen your roots. That is why the old saying that you become who you hang out with is inaccurate and reveals the state of...

046 – Wanting to Lose Weight Isn’t Shameful!

In this episode I answer the question: How can you be an intuitive eater using eating psychology, love yourself the way you are right now, and still want to lose weight without feeling guilt and shame? Plus, I provide you with the #1 most important thing to do to improve your health, and announce next week’s podcast episode topic.

045 – How Do You Distract Yourself? Embodiment vs Disembodiment

What happens when you check out vs. what happens when you allow yourself to feel emotions and move through them. This is especially helpful for people who feel they are emotional eaters or who feel they are too emotional. Included in this podcast is a list of symptoms people experience when they are disembodied, as well as the announcement of next week’s podcast topic.

044 – Prioritizing Positivity

In this episode I talk about increasing your daily diet of positive emotions. People who experience more positive emotions, experience more meaning. And those who experience more meaning, experience more positive emotions. This is the type of wellbeing that you really want to experience! Plus, I provide listeners with some easy-to-do ideas on how they can implement daily activities using the practice of prioritizing positivity. I provide several resources for further, more in-depth information and announce next week’s podcast topic.

043 – Setting Your 2017 Goals & For the First Time Accomplishing Them!

New Year’s resolutions don’t work for most people. Extreme measures of goal setting, like SMART goals only work for about 25% of the population. Did you know that 75% people are not motivated by SMART goals at all? It shuts them down before they even get a good start. And believe it or not, only a small percentage of that 25% of people who are motivated by SMART goals, actually accomplish their goals. Resolutions are old, ineffective strategies from a past decade. Instead of “resolution” … think “intention”, or if it resonates with you more, think of it as an “annual theme”. I call mine a “Divine Intention”. Setting an intention and having it touch every area of your life is the new and quite frankly effective way to set personal or professional goals. Because remember, how you do anything is how you do everything.

042 – Ritualizing a Binge!

In order to binge the body must be in fight or flight stress response, technically called sympathetic dominance. The body cannot binge while relaxed. So when you make a binge a ritualistic process and savor every single moment before, during and after, over time you’ll naturally move through and beyond binging. In this episode, I take you through the “basic foundation” of how I work with my eating psychology clients as it relates to this topic. I also discuss clients’ typical results when going through a ritualized binge as it relates to eating psychology. I provide more information about how to work with me to help you go beyond this foundational information in a personalized way. I reveal a special surprise, and announce next week’s podcast topic.

041 – Eating Fast vs. Eating Slow: How Each Affects Your Health

In this episode, I discuss how eating fast and eating slow can significantly influence your health. You will be shocked to learn how something so simple can make a profound difference in almost every area of your life – in ways you would have never expected. While most people have set resolutions associated with speed in the new year, you will be learning to slooooow dooooown. I know, I know. You were told that speed is everything, right? That speed equals success, and successful people do things fast and furiously. That may be true for a small percentage of people, but for most people fast creates a stress response which is counter to the results you actually want. Also in this episode I announce next week’s podcast topic which is a great segway from here.

040 – Using Your Core Values & Character Strengths to BE Authentically Happy

In this episode, I discuss core values, signature strengths, and character strengths specifically when using them to understand who you are on a psychological level, and how to use them to guide yourself on your authentic life path. The happiest people I know, live by their core values and character strengths as their one-of-a-kind “Guide to Life on Planet Earth”. This is the only way to live an authentically happy life! Included in this podcast I provide two example scenarios and give you a sneak peak into next week’s podcast episode.

039 – Your Vibe Creates Your Tribe

In this episode, I discuss how to find your vibe, how that vibe creates your tribe, how your tribe affects your whole well being, and how to recreate your vibe if you need to. Hint: Look at the people you hang out with the most. I’m not talking about how they look. You cannot tell much about a person by what they look like; that’s a myth. I’m talking about their core values, their character strengths, who they are publicly and privately, and how they effect others around them both intentionally or unintentionally. Plus, I provide you with two professional, highly effective assessment resources to help you determine who you really are. As always, I announce next week’s podcast which is a great segway from here.

038 – Recovery From Compulsive Weighing

Are you compulsively weighing yourself? I interviewed five women who said they were addicted to their bathroom scale. I asked them several questions about their weighing practices, and they gave me permission to share their answers with you. You may find yourself in some of their answers. In addition, I suggest an experiment that you can do to experientially determine if the scale effects you and how. I provide a suggestion to see how it effects other people in your life too. New studies show that 90% of women have body image issues. And as always, next week’s podcast topic is announced.

037 – Reducing Stress Can Be Fun – Really!

In this episode, I raise awareness around 25 of the most common causes of stress. But hold on, there is more goodness! I explain how reducing your stress can be a fun adventure, and provide a list of how these stressors really affect the body – some of which you may not know is causing you stress. I also suggest two little experiments that you can do to help yourself right now, and I announce the topic for next week’s podcast. Wow! That’s a lot packed into one of the longest podcast episodes I’ve done. I truly believe that reducing stress is the #1 most important action you can take to gift yourself with ultimate self care.

036 – Sugar Cravings! What is Your Body Telling You?

This episode is so delicious and sure to satisfy your sweet tooth if you are willing to be honest with yourself and make some changes! In just a few minutes, you will learn what your body is attempting to tell you when you have sugar cravings, and a strategy on how you can move past them. Sugar cravings are a symptom, and symptoms are your body’s way of communicating with you – in the only way it knows how. In addition, I suggest a small experiment that you can do right now to help you with eliminating your sugar cravings. I also reveal next week’s podcast episode topic, which I feel is the #1 most important action you can take to gift yourself with ultimate self care.

035 – The REAL Reasons Why You Overeat and Binge Eat

In this episode you will be learning what really causes someone to eat too much. I discuss the mental, emotional, and biological sides to the behavior. Here’s a hint: It’s not usually about willpower nor the food, yet many think so, leaving them feeling guilt and shame. What’s the psychology and biology behind it? What’s the difference between overeating and binge eating? In addition, I announce the topic for next week’s podcast which will be published and available to you early in the morning on Thanksgiving Day in the USA, which is the perfect timing to put on your curious detective hat and do a small experiment for yourself with grace and ease.

034 – Dealing with Food Police in Yourself and Others

Get ready for 5 tips on how to handle the most common food police judgments at a time when you may need it the most – the holidays! In this podcast, you’ll learn how to empower yourself this holiday season, and say “no thank you”, or “more please” with ease. Let the food police know that what you eat, and your body isn’t any of their business. And once and for all stop the “are you on a diet again” remarks. At the very least, you can stop those inconsiderate remarks from bothering you. Plus, I announce the topic for next week’s podcast and just in time for the holiday season when you’ll need to know it the most!

033 – Surviving Holiday Food and Still Loving Yourself

You are about to embark on a guilt free and shame free holiday season! Surviving holiday food and still loving yourself is absolutely possible for you! In this episode, I provide five points as a catalyst to help you shift your mindset about judgments we make about ourselves and allow others to make for us. Don’t worry. I’ve broken them into bite-size thoughts, so it’s easier to understand and digest. I also share a social media post from a new friend to illustrates the point I make in this podcast about how we allow others to influence the self image that we have of ourselves. Plus, I provide some holiday tips and an exercise you can do to help you survive the holidays guilt free and shame free.

032 – What is Your Eating Personality

Learn about the three Eating Personalities, and how they define your eating challenges. I also discuss first step practices that will help you free yourself of eating habits that haven’t been serving you regardless of which Eating Personality you find yourself, or which plan, program or strategy you are using right now. I provide more detailed information about my “Breakfast with Your Body” online LIVE event on November 12, 2016. Plus, I reveal next week’s podcast topic. If you celebrate the upcoming holidays, you won’t want to miss it.

031 – Mindful Eating: Just One Step Toward Intuitive Eating

Now that you know what Intuitive Eating really is, why it works, when and with whom from last week’s podcast, in this week’s episode I discuss Mindful Eating. Many people are not aware that Mindful Eating is just one step toward IE. So if Intuitive Eating hasn’t worked for you, it may be because you started from the end rather than the beginning. Included in this podcast is an invitation to join me for breakfast (or any other meal you wish) during a LIVE video online workshop, to learn how to really taste, feel and savor food while listening to your body’s feedback about satisfaction, hunger, and fullness. In other words, I’ll teach you the first steps in Mindful Eating and it all happens LIVE. Plus, I give you another sneak peek about next week’s EXCITING podcast topic.

030 – Intuitive Eating: Why it Works, When & With Whom

Intuitive Eating has been around for many years, but it’s getting a bad wrap from people who know very little about it, and have never successfully experienced it. Although Intuitive Eating is similar to Mindful Eating, it’s still different. In this podcast episode, I explain why Intuitive Eating works, when and with whom it works best. I also talk about Mindful Eating vs. Intuitive Eating, and why so many people are unsuccessful with Intuitive Eating. In addition, before you can successfully work with Intuitive Eating, you must first clear up some biological issues that will definitely keep you from recognizing your natural fullness and hunger cues. Included in this podcast I reveal next week’s podcast topic that goes hand in hand with Intuitive Eating. You may be surprised what it is and why it’s relative.

029 – SAD: Standard American Diet

SAD is an acronym for the Standard American Diet. Oh my goodness; it literally makes you sad! Included in this podcast I explain how the SAD diet affects your mind, body and spirit both short term and long term. I also shine a big, bright, glowing spotlight on what the food industry does not want you to know. Plus, you’ll get a sneak peek at next week’s podcast on a topic that is near and dear to my heart.

028 – Always Hungry? Here’s Why!

There is a growing number of people who describe themselves as always being hungry. I’m talking about hunger that leaves you never feeling satisfied, often ravenous and feeling out of control. I’ve experienced it myself, and so have many of my clients over the years. If this is you, you’ll find this podcast helpful. Learn the 15 most common reasons why your hunger is not being satisfied, and what you can do about it right now.

027 – Emotional Eating: What is Causing You to Eat Your Emotions?

Learn the Top 5 Reasons why people do what they call “emotional eating”. You may be shocked to learn about the #1 reason, because it’s not about emotions at all! Emotional eating is not the problem; it’s a symptom. I also share a quick, little exercise you can do to help you determine if you are physically hungry or whether it’s emotional hunger. Plus I have designed a free flowchart that you can download, and it will guide you step-by-step through the process of identifying and moving through emotions.

026 – The NEW Exercise is Pleasurable Movement

This is a great podcast for people who dislike the E word – Exercise! I share the real reason people avoid exercise. And just so you know, it’s not because you’re lazy, stupid or you hate yourself. The answer is simple, yet many of us continue to go against our own intuition when it comes to choosing and beginning an exercise program. For people who tend to yo-yo diet, which included me for so many years: Have you ever noticed that once you go off your diet, you also stop exercising? Do you know why? Listen in to find out.

025 – How to Improve Your Body Image and Let Go of Body Shame

In this episode I discuss how to improve your body image while letting go of body shame in a way that you may have never heard of before or thought possible. I also highlight four important areas where life is commonly calling people to raise their awareness. And if they don’t, it will mess with their mind every time. Included in this podcast I reveal why dieting has led us to a warped image of ourselves, and why most people have a difficult time letting go of the diet mindset. Here’s a hint: Many people have the strategy backwards which keeps them stuck in negative body image and body shame.

024 – Can Weight Loss and Self Care Coexist Cooperatively in the Psyche?

In last week’s podcast, I talked about self care as a health strategy vs. the effects on the mind-body connection when primarily focusing on weight loss and dieting. So the next logical question is, “Can weight loss and self care coexist cooperatively in the psyche?” I answer this question and explain several reasons why we get stuck in the weight loss and diet mindset. I also share my own personal story with a scale obsession that I didn’t even know I had. I insisted that I’d done enough personal development work on myself and had enough psychology education that I’d know if I did. Plus, in one short sentence, I’ll provide a tip that can help you let go of the weight loss obsession and start focusing on self care instead, which you can begin right now. Included in this podcast I announce next week’s podcast topic which is a great segway from here.

023 – The New Health Strategy is Self Care

In this podcast I speak about self care as a health strategy. Then I compare self care to the physical, mental/emotional and spiritual effects on the whole body when we mainly focus on weight loss and dieting. I also provide a few resources to help stimulate your creative juices in finding self care activities that interest you and work well for you as a gradual, sustainable health action plan. Within this podcast I include 50 self care strategies that I’ve personally adopted over the years in hopes to help you see that it is possible to attain authentic health at any size.

022 – Using the Feeling Wheel to Identify & Move Through Emotions

In this podcast, I discuss an invaluable tool called the Feeling Wheel, originally created by Dr. Gloria Wilcox, that I use to help guide my clients through emotions and then beyond. I explain the process using a metaphor that is easy to understand. In the show notes, you’ll find a link to Dr. Gloria’s Feeling Wheel which I suggest you download and print prior to listening to the podcast, so that you can walk through the examples with me. If you are not able to, that’s fine. You can download and print it later. This is just one of the tools I use …

021 – Nourishment Supersedes Nutrition

The nutritional properties of one food, let’s say sweet potatoes, will be assimilated, digested and metabolized differently by different people. Yes, it’s nutrition, but not always the same level of nourishment for every person. In this podcast, your mind will explode after understanding that nourishment is not just about the nutrients in the food you eat. High quality food is only a small part of what nourishes you.

020 – Your Last-Bite Threshold

It seems MANY people want to know how to recognize their last bite threshold, and understand why they can’t. How much is too much? How much is too little? And for people who want to know why they are always hungry, those answers will be addressed in this podcast episode too.

019 – Building Confidence by Trusting Yourself

Always work to self IMPROVE, but also work to self APPROVE! Trusting yourself and approving of yourself are the most effective ways to build sustainable self-esteem. The problem is that most people have always relied on the opinion of others, and things outside of themselves to guide them or approve of them. They have lost trust within themselves without realizing it. In this podcast, you’ll learn how to rebuild the ability to trust yourself again. The next step within this process may surprise you!

Sitting is the New Smoking

“Sitting is the new smoking” is what I’m hearing these days. This is especially true for people like me who work from home, or who are on the phone all day, and/or they work online. I used to make all of my client/coach calls via the phone until video conferencing became a hot thing. When I’d talk to my clients and coaches by phone, I’d walk around the house to get in some motion. 1000s of step a day! It actually helps me think more clearly. And I’ve done this since I was a small child; I’d read a book out loud while walking around the house. I’ve heard it’s a thing – lots of people do it. Since video conferencing, I’ve been learning to improvise…

018 – Making Peace with Food – For Good

As long as you are at war with your body, it will be difficult to make peace with yourself and food. Making peace with food is challenging for many people, because they have difficulty with one deep-seated obstacle that keeps them from embracing a positive relationship with food. In this podcast episode, learn what that one obstacle is so you can move beyond it. And it’s likely NOT what you think, or what you’ve been told. Really.

017 – Harmful Food Rules & Toxic Nutritional Beliefs, Part 3

30% of women say they would trade at least one year of their life to achieve their ideal weight and shape! Shocking! And that’s not all. 46% of women have been ridiculed or bullied because of their appearance. Part 3 and the final episode of the three-part segment of the AHHH Lifestyle podcast show awakens conscious languaging and debunks 25 more harmful food rules and toxic nutritional beliefs. After all of this intense debunking, next week I’ll discuss how to finally make peace with food – for good.

016 – Harmful Food Rules & Toxic Dietary Beliefs, Part 2

There are more profits to be made in making you sick and unconscious, then making you well and aware. This is Part 2 of a three-part podcast segment discussing toxic dietary beliefs and harmful food rules, that we self-inflict upon ourselves, or allow others to influence us. This is often done without checking in with our own body’s communication. The first objective is to shine a spotlight on some of the most common rules, thoughts and beliefs around health, that do not serve most of the population. The second objective is to raise awareness about what your body may be saying to you, and your unconscious languaging back to it. In this episode I discuss 25 different points and another 25 in Part 3 coming next week.

015 – Harmful Food Rules & Toxic Nutritional Beliefs, Part 1

Harmful Food Rules & Toxic Nutritional Beliefs are just as harmful as toxic ingredients in your food. Yes, really! This is Part 1 of a 3-part podcast segment from the AHHH Lifestyle podcast show and will continue for the next three weeks. It is my hope this these food rules and nutritional beliefs which are completely false will raise your awareness. Why? Because if you have these toxic dietary or nutritional beliefs, the inability to lose weight is predictable and understandable. Every toxic nutritional belief leads to a stress response. Stress may cause you to gain weight or create the inability to lose weight.

014 – What Does Intuition Have to Do With Health?

Step into the world of awareness where intuition meets and cooperates with authentic health to take you on a journey you may have never known existed. In this podcast I also answer 12 questions, that my intuition is telling me that you are asking. I also share two personal, true stories as it relates to intuitive health. I also provide a tip that you can do right now that has the potential to change your life in ways you could have never imagined.

013 – Non-Caloric Weight Gain

Overweight people are not stupid, lazy, nor do they hate themselves. In this episode of the AHHH Lifestyle podcast series, I discuss why some people may gain weight due to extreme stress or chronic low level stress. It’s called non-caloric weight gain. I also provide scientific facts to support this little known biological fact for those people who depend on science as proof instead of listening to their own body’s communication.

The AHHH Lifestyle Postcast Show is heating up!

What is a Podcast? A podcast is a digital audio file that you can listen to online or download to your smartphone, computer, Amazon Fire, iPod or iPad. It is a free! As your host of the AHHH Lifestyle podcast show series, it’s like me doing a recorded radio show on a regular basis, and you tuning in to the show at your leisure. There are many ways you can subscribe, so choose one that best fits your preferences. See all method of subscribing …

012 – How to Eat & Why Most People Don’t Know How

45% of people feel guilty after they eat a pleasurable food. Stop the madness and toxic dietary beliefs that you have to feel guilty about finding pleasure in eating your favorite foods. In this podcast episode I summarize the process of relearning how to eat, discuss why most people don’t know how to eat, and for people with digestive issues (like I did) I provide a few tips on why how you are eating may be effecting …

011 – The Diet Mindset: What It Is and What It Isn’t

Here are 50 characteristics of a person with a diet mindset. So what does having a “diet mindset” mean? It’s the activities they do, their thoughts, their habits, and their languaging (both conscious and unconscious). You may recognize yourself in the 50 characteristics. That’s okay. Moving beyond the diet mentality and bringing pleasure with food and health back into your life starts with awareness. Clients who work with me in eating psychology coaching will have access to a worksheet that will help them on a daily basis to continually recognize, and change a diet mentality that has been gripping them for years. They can finally begin to make peace with food and learn to embrace intuitive eating. Start from a beginners mindset and listen to this podcast with an open mind and heart. How you do food is how you do life. How you do life is how you do food.

Why I Became a Certified Eating Psychology Coach & Practitioner

This is the transcript of the AHHH Lifestyle podcast 010 explaining why I became a Certified Eating Psychology Coach and Practitioner.  You’ve been asking, so here’s the explanation. I think you’ll find that it makes complete sense as I progress on...

009 – What People Think of You Isn’t About You

In this podcast I answer a question that came through a private message on social media. The person asking the question was distraught about how to determine someone’s intent, and she was feeling not only insecure about her confusion but also hurt that their intent could have contained some backhanded remarks. I’m generalizing, of course. My answers to her concerns come in three parts, so be sure to hear all of them.

008 – Digestion

You are going to wowed! Symptoms are a messenger with a doorway to a solution, and this is especially true for digestion: bloating, gas, pain, constipation, diarrhea, upset stomach, excess acid, indigestion, food sensitivities, etc. The first place you will feel an undigested life experience is in your digestive system, because your second brain is in your gut. So, how you digest food is how you are digesting life experiences. In over 75% of digestive cases, nothing is wrong with the digestion system per se. Digestive issues are simply telling us what’s up with our life.

007 – Body Intuition

In this podcast, I discuss what it means to the be IN the body and listening to your own body wisdom. In many ways, your body knows more than your mind. Your body also knows more than anyone outside of you. I know that is not what you’ve been taught. So let me just say that your body was designed to keep you alive and healthy no matter what. Your mind was created to communicate with your body on how to do all it, however, we’ve been deeply influenced by so much propaganda that is on the outside of us, we’ve forgotten to listen to what our body is saying.

006 – Body Image, Body Shame

In this podcast you’ll hear what is really happening when you judge yourself and when you think others are judging you. With that said, did you know that more than 90% of women (less than that for men) have body image issues, and it has nothing to do with how much they weigh or their clothing size?

005 – Stop Fighting Food

Many people silently suffer from the fear of food and it has nothing to do with how much they weigh or their clothing size. Fighting against food is like fighting against oxygen. And in reality, food is our friend – not the enemy. The same is true about appetite. We’ll do just about anything to control our appetite. Appetite is less about control and more about listening to your body.

004 – Emotional Eating

If you consider yourself to be an emotional eater and you are a human on planet Earth, let me be the first to say that you are not an emotional eater. You are an eater. Emotions are normal, and together we will unravel this old toxic belief as well as others that haven’t been serving you well.

003 – Overeating

There are many reasons why someone might label themselves as an overeater, and the reasons vary from person to person. Many people who are chronically dieting think they overeat when in fact they are …

002 – Binge Eating

You may be surprised WHY you binge eat, and for different people the reasons vary. But I can tell you that it has nothing to do with the lack of willpower. “How you do food is how you do life.”

001 – Eating Psychology

In this first podcast episode, I review the discoveries behind eating psychology and the modalities behind this important, new field of psychology that is a positive, empowering and transformational approach designed for anyone who eats.

Diet Hell and Food Rules: My Story

My First Diet  😳 I started my first diet when I was 16 years old. It all started when my best friend asked me to go on a diet with her. She wanted to lose weight and neither of us had ever done a diet before. It was the 70s and dieting was the new rage. So we decided...

What the Hell Were You Thinking?

How many times have you heard that in your life? From your parents, your teachers, your bosses. Everyone seems to be an expert on what you should have done. Sure, you may have screwed up, but who doesn’t? The thing is, YOU may not have been thinking at all. You...

Attention is Intention

“Whatever you think and talk about paves the runway for what you will create.” ~Alan Cohen We Create Our Reality Often people get a little miffed when I say that we create our own reality. However, it is true, because things do not happen to us; they happen through...

Life Is Too Short To Wait

Playing the Game of Life Every day I like to think that I do my best to live my life as if it were my last. It’s not that I dwell in the realm of death. Not at all. I am keenly aware that this process we call life is incredibly short and to get the fullest experience...

The Story of YOU

Embrace your weirdness. You were born to BE unique. You were birthed through a tunnel and into the Light energy called Love. You were surrounded with warmth, happiness, peace and Divinely connected to Source. Then those who thought they knew what was best for you,...

Resistance is Not Our Friend

War-like activities and thoughts will always be met with resistance. Why? Because like attracts like. It is a Universal Law no matter how much we want to call it bunk, fairy dust or my favorite which always sparks a giggle response for me: “new age”. War-like thinking...

The Highest Form of Intelligence

The highest form of intelligence is spiritual intelligence. -Susan Abrams Milligan, Author Spiritual Intelligence Explained If someone says something to you, about you or does something that doesn’t serve either one of you, posting about it on Facebook (directly or...

Emotions are Important

Emotions are Part of Our Inner Guidance System Emotions are an indicator as to whether you are moving closer to your true self or farther away. Emotions are necessary to feel, and then let them go in ‘your’ timing (moving through them) if that serves you. Sometimes an...

Own Your Self Worth

You don’t have to look for self worth. You already have it. Once you accept that you have value and own it, you don’t have to continue to prove it to yourself or anyone else. You see, the problem is that you may be dependent on things and people outside of you to...

Essential Oils vs. Herbal Tea

Should you choose essential oils or herbal teas for your drinks? With the popularity of therapeutic drinks, a cup of hot water with a drop of pure essential oils contains far more health benefits then an old fashioned cup of herbal tea which is beginning to become...

What is Karma?

Karma is not a judgment of right and wrong. It is the attraction of like energy. What you send out comes back to you. So don’t be surprised when you encounter mirrors of yourself in others. Follow the Golden Rule: “Do unto other as you would have them do...

10 Signs You Are a Perfectionist

Perfectionism Does Not Serve Us Life isn’t black and white, either or, and all or nothing. No one is perfect and allowing it to be okay that we are not perfect especially in our health, gives us permission to look at creating healthy habits as a progressive...

Hot Lemon Water Challenge

Take the 30-day hot lemon water challenge before you have coffee or eat breakfast. 🍋 First, boil water. Squeeze the juice of a half fresh, organic lemon into it. Starting out you can use a small amount of honey, agave or stevia and decrease it over time. The goal is...