Symptoms are a messenger with a doorway to a solution, and this is especially true for digestion: bloating, gas, pain, constipation, diarrhea, upset stomach, excess acid, indigestion, food sensitivities, etc. The first place you will feel an undigested life experience is in your digestive system, because your second brain is in your gut. So, how you digest food is how you are digesting life experiences at the time of discomfort. Did you know you have two brains? The brain in your head has three parts:

  1. The reptilian brain is rigid and controls the vital functions of the body which were designed for your survival: heart rate, breathing, body temperature, balance, and appetite.
  2. The limbic brain records memories of behaviors and experiences, emotions, and right/wrong judgements which have an unconscious, strong influence on your behavior.
  3. The neocortex is flexible, and responsible for the development of language, creativity, imagination, learning, and consciousness.

Don’t wait for science to catch up

Your second brain is in your gut and it has two parts:

  1. The digestive system
  2. Your intuition

The scientific definition for those who need science as proof is the Enteric Nervous System. Just a small side note here, and something I’ve personally learned through the roundabout way - in other words the long route. Don’t wait for science to catch up to something you already intrinsically know because you’ve personally experienced it. YOU are the only one responsible for your health and Well-BEing. And as we’ve seen in the past even though science may know something, it often takes decades for the information to be released to the general population - sometimes decades later. A great example is what we now know are the effects of long-term cigarette smoking. So… In over 75% of digestive cases, nothing is wrong with the digestion system per se. Digestive issues are simply telling us what’s up with our life. It’s giving us feedback about how and what we eat as well as how we are handling emotional situations. Interesting, right?

It makes sense then that the more we clear stuff from the past, handle situations immediately in the present, and trust in the future, the more present we can be to fully digest the now. When you feel you have less power in the present, you will have less digestive power. There are several main causes of digestive issues:

  • Stress. If you eat while stressed which is what most people do, your body will decrease digestion, because it goes into stress response. This is a built in mechanism for your survival. It’s biology. The fight-or-flight response is a physiological reaction that occurs in response to a perceived threat, ie tiger chasing you. The threat could be real and life threatening or not. The body doesn’t know the difference. So if you are stressed, anxious, worried, or angry, your body is in stress response. And when that happens your body shuts down your digestive system because it needs that energy to help you run - fast. When your digestion is shut down, your metabolism shuts down too. Fat is stored in case you need it to survive.
  • Speed. Slow down and breathe while you are eating. What many people don’t know is that Vitamin O (oxygen) is needed for digestion, assimilation, and metabolism.
  • Lack of Awareness. This means you are not paying attention to your body’s wisdom (communication with you) because you are multitasking. You must slow down, breathe while eating and be aware of your body’s clues while eating.
  • Other causes of digestion issues are overeating and binge eating. Just remember, listen to your body’s wisdom and cues. When in doubt, simple and natural are always best when you are working through digestive issues, and of course, the dose makes the poison.
  • Undigested life experiences from the past, current issues that are not being handled in a timely manner, and worry about the future.
Stress Causes Digestion Issues

Stress response decreases digestion.

More than ever before people are experiencing digestive issues, and the solution for many people is taking a look at how they are digesting life experiences, slowing down while eating and being aware of their body’s communication rather than only using chemical-based compounds to cover up the symptoms. Your body communicates with you through symptoms. If you are experiencing “digestion issues” an alternative is to work with me in slowing down while you’re eating, breathing, listening to your body’s cues, and working through what is eating you that is keeping you from digesting your life experiences. Contact Me. We will do this slowly through small experiments. You’ll be wearing your detective hat and we’ll be making these experiments fun!

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