Emotional Eating

If you consider yourself to be an emotional eater and you are a human on planet Earth, let me be the first to say that you are not an emotional eater. You are an eater. Emotions are normal, and together we will unravel this old toxic belief as well as others that haven’t been serving you well. Stuffing, pushing, kicking, punching, ignoring, controlling, and denying your emotions will work for awhile - until one day you’ll realize it has been an ongoing, continual part of your life. The question is, how long will you ignore one of the most amazing gifts you’ve been given - your appetite. One of the things that was designed to keep you alive. Sooner or later you’ll get tired of the fight.

Emotional Eating

Eating shouldn’t be a fight - ever!

“Eating shouldn’t be a fight - ever!”

We were all born with emotions, so feeling through them for a reasonable amount of time is the best, sustainable strategy.

What people call emotional eating is predictable when we attempt to artificially regulate our appetite. For example, people who chronically diet are not happy and sooner or later the soul will look for happiness. Why? Because attempting to control your appetite is like attempting to control your oxygen. It will work for awhile, but sooner or later you’ll realize it’s not a sustainable strategy. Both appetite and oxygen are required for a quality life and stable, pleasurable emotions.

Attempting to self-regulate what you are feeling and desiring is self-rejection and self-abuse especially around food. When we attempt to coerce ourselves to maintain impossible dietary standards, ie, perfectionism, forcing ourselves to like a certain food therefore not finding pleasure in eating.

Of course, you are emotional! Who wouldn’t be? When you fear food, feel pressured to eat in a militant serious way or boring style, feel ashamed that you can’t stay on the latest diet trend, and allow guilt to overpower your pleasurable experience of food, biology will kick in. Sooner or later you will “emotionally eat”.

As with anything that surrounds our eating habits, there is more to the story and each client is different. Sometimes people emotionally eat because they are happy. That in itself is also an interesting place to explore. Get curious about your emotions. Have fun with them.

You see, any sign, symptom, and even physical or emotional pain that you experience is metaphorically a doorway that your body has opened for you to access the solution. Your body is communicating with you. Be kind to yourself. Love and respect yourself by honoring your emotions long enough to feel them and then release them.

The good news is that one size does not fit all. Isn’t it a blessing that not only are we the same, we are also very different. So Contact Me if you think that “emotional eating” is interfering with the quality of your life. Together we will work on how you can ease into embracing food with grace and ease, allowing yourself to feel your emotions, and understanding what your body is attempting to communicate with you. If you think you are an emotional eater, let’s walk through the open door to find the deep, toxic beliefs that have been holding you back. We will do this slowly through small experiments.

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