There are many reasons why someone might label themselves as an overeater, and the reasons vary from person to person. Many people who are chronically dieting think they overeat when in fact they are eating what other people may consider to be normal. This is very common given our culture is thoroughly immersed in what is being called, “the diet mentality”.


Eat to the point of Energy!

Eating is necessary for survival, as is breathing. So we may as well get used to eating the foods that nourish us. Sometimes that means even re-learning how to eat as adults. Let’s just get real here. No one really taught us how to eat, and a large percentage of the population is not eating in a way that nourishes their bodies, mind and soul.

“Most people eat until they’re filled with food. I will teach you how to eat to the point of Energy.”

Many eaters are either making low-quality food choices (meaning little to no macronutrients and micronutrients, vitamins and minerals), or they are eating so quickly under stress that the food they eat is excreted - and you know what I’m talking about here - before any nutrients can be assimilated and used by the body for nourishment.

And by the way, you can eat the highest quality food on the planet, but if you eat it under stressful situations and quickly, it won’t do your body any good. You will excrete the nutrients.

Overeating in some ways is different than binge eating, yet the signals the body is using to get our attention are often similar in nature.

If a client is feeling guilty around food and their weight, skipping meals, stressed out, eating fast, and the quality of the food they eat is not nourishing them, biology kicks in. Your body will do whatever it takes to get the nourishment it needs to protect you from starvation and disease. You see, it’s not that you are a willpower weakling at all!  So, stop feeling guilt and shame, because those cause stress and keeps you from assimilating the food you eat.

As a side note, let’s not forget the emotional side of “overeating”. The part that many people get confused about is there may be a deeper answer to WHY they overeat, and oftentimes it has nothing to do with the food.

We as humans on planet Earth have been given the gift of being biologically similar, yet very different in how we function based on our environment, lifestyle, beliefs, thoughts and in some cases genetics.

Each client is different, so Contact Me if you consider “overeating” is interfering with the quality of your life. Together we will work on how you can ease into embracing peace with food, slowing down, and being mindful of what you eat and its quality. We will do this slowly through small experiments, so you can notice the difference.

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