Stop Fighting Food

Many people silently suffer from the fear of food and it has nothing to do with how much they weigh or their clothing size. You know, fighting against food is like fighting against oxygen. And in reality, food is our friend - not the enemy.

The same is true about appetite. We’ll do just about anything to control our appetite. Some people will go so far as to turn to drugs and smoking cigarettes to suppress their appetite. But you see …

“Appetite is less about control and more about listening to your body.”
Stop Fighting Food

Your Body is Your Best Friend

Your body is your best friend. Without it you wouldn’t be able to walk this Earth. And in this life, you only get one body. Take care of it. But also take care of the unseen forces that affect your body, ie. your thoughts, beliefs, language you use to talk to yourself and others, your intentions, your attitude and your environment.

You can eat the healthiest food on the planet, but if you are thinking negatively and your beliefs are not serving you, it would be no different than what we call “junk food” and how it affects the body.

Many people who fight against food have a history of chronic dieting. They do “good” one week and then the next week they “blow it”. And the definition of “blowing it” is different for different people. Chronic dieting over a long period of time increases the chance of binge eating, decreases the metabolism, raises the obsession around food, creates a feeling of deprivation and sense of failure, shame, and guilt. Chronic dieting can for some people get so bad that it borders on or crosses the border into an eating disorder.

Typically a chronic dieter with be elated that they finally found “the one” diet that gives them hope. Then as the days and weeks go on, their hope diminishes. Then eventually biology takes over and they “fall off the wagon” (a term I hear quite regularly). They go into a state of negative self-talk around not having enough willpower, not enough focus, and they begin to compare themselves to other people who they “think” has it all together.

Let me just briefly speak about the comparative reality trap that so many of us find ourselves in from time to time. Having been a certified health coach and spiritual mentor for many years, I can honestly tell you that happiness has nothing to do with someone’s weight or their clothing size. What you see on the outside is not necessarily what is happening on the inside. If you rely only on how you look — and yes, I know it’s about being healthy too but let’s stay focused first on the objective of the message I’m conveying here — If you rely on how you look as your source of self esteem (aka happiness) your happiness will be short lived. You cannot rely on how you look, what people say about you, what they think about you, the validation and acknowledgement that you receive from others, as your main source of self esteem. I have seen so many people totally devastated when this attention they had been receiving from others goes away and in many cases it will. Their world falls apart. You are a complete and whole person as you are right now without any input from anyone outside of you.

I’ll talk more about comparative reality and internal as well as external sources of self-esteem as I get into the body image and body shame audios.

Stop Fighting Food

How you do food is how you do life.

For now, let’s turn this objective around and shine a positive light on it.

What if you could actually learn how to relax around food and make peace with the eating process? What if you could trust yourself around food? What if you discovered this produces many other physical, mental, and emotional benefits. How would that improve your life? Remember …

“How you do food is how you do life.”

If you fear food, you fear life. If food is boring to you, life is boring for you. If food is complicated, life is complicated for you. If you feel you have to suppress your appetite, metaphorically speaking you are suppressing your appetite for life. If food seems a natural part of living, life will feel natural for you. If food nourishes you, life will nourish you. If food is your friend, life will be your friend. If you take pleasure in the food you eat and are present in the process of eating, you will take pleasure in life because you are being present.

Do you see how food and life relate to each other? A leadership mentor of mine who passed away a few years once told me, “Susan, How you do anything is how you do everything.”

Food for thought, yes? Or is it your “thoughts about food” that creates your health and well-being? It may be time to let go of some of those old beliefs about food and about life, that you’ve been holding onto for a long time.

So Contact Me if you think that “fighting food” is interfering with the quality of your life. Together we will work on how you can ease into embracing food, making friends with food again. You did it before even though you may not remember it. You embraced food when you were a toddler. Watch any toddler, they are present in life, they eat when they are hungry without worrying about calories, carbs and allowing the scale to measure their self-worth.  We will do this slowly through small experiments and you’ll see and feel the power of letting go of some of these toxic dietary beliefs.

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